Laminort works on wood market, supplying high quality raw materials for companies in the fields of plywood, flooring, doors, furniture and decoration, offering a big variety of national and international products. Our main products are sliced veneers and lumber. We also produce flooring, decking and decorative objects like tables and tables feet made by tree logs.

The company was founded in 1981 by the present members of the society, that already worked  on wood market. At the beginning, the company rented a shelter, located in Vila Hauer, with 400 m2 , producing veneers in custom cut and trading others companies wood.

In 1984 Lamapa industry was incorporated, in Ananindeua – Belém do Pará.

In 1994 Laminort opened its own headquarter, in Curitiba, with a 10.562 m2 land and 4.736 m2 of constructed area for the administration, veneers storage and showroom.

The headquarter was projected to centralize company activities, allowing a better coordination and dealing, structured to serve since small to big companies. Placed in the south of Brazil, the company is in the center of brazilian wood activities, allowing the supply to the internal and external market. Curitiba offers a good service structure and is well served by air transportation, so we can recieve all of our foreign customers, from USA, Italy, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Germany, India, China…

Conquering each time more the external market, mainly due to the enhance of products and service quality, the company is one of the biggest of this sector. Approximately 70% of our production goes to external market.

Always investing in new technologies, adapting the products to the highest market demands, generating ethics and confidence, company’s big differ is offering superior quality material, always, presenting flexibility depending on customers needs.

Up to dated with market evolution, Laminort follows the world tendencies, offering versatility and personalization to your final product. The environment responsability is traduced on company’s actions, with the FSCR certificate and the reforestation we assume commitment with the environment.

A good product has to supply market needs , customers demands and be produced in harmony with the environment.

Vera Cruz Farm, acquired in 1994, is located in the east of Pará State, near Rondon do Pará city. It has a total area of 42.000.000 m2, and 33.000.000 m2 of legal reserve.

The farm was bought to be company’s own reforestment. It keeps today the cultivation of many species like Paricá, Mogno, Khaia, Ipe and Sumaúma. Using the system that the cattle is grown in the reforestment. Vera Cruz reforestment has an Ibama autorization with the number 1501.2004.4.0001.

Laminort’s group is very concerned about the preservation of existing species, maintaining certificated its activities and taking care of the environment preservation.

Incorporated in 1984, Lamapa has an industrial area of 40.000 m2, with a construction of 6.000 m2 designed for production area and 400 m2 for administration area.

Working with own production, with imported raw material, or with partners that have their productive chain certificated for logs supply.

With a great productive capacity, and being one of the biggest wood veneers manufacturer in Brazil, Lamapa creates 220 direct jobs, and more 200 indirect jobs.

With this structure, and taking care about the certificated suppliers, Lamapa makes Laminort maintain its superiority standard, answering all internal and external market demands.

Actually 50% of the volume of wood processed in Lamapa has FSCRcertification and the others 50% are coming from sustanable cut areas.

Diretor Presidente
Leo Roberto Rymsza

Diretor Comercial Industrial
Romualdo Rymsza

Diretor Comercial Industrial
Leandro Raul Rymsza

Diretor Financeiro
Robles Alves de Amorin

Comercial Curitiba
Rogério Ribeiro

Comercial Belém
Leandro Raul Rymsza

Luiz Carlos da Silva